Penang Happenings | Avenue of Adventures
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Avenue of Adventures

THE TOP@Komtar, located at the George Town skyscraper Komtar, is an entertainment hub packed with restaurants, pubs, and theme attractions… among other places of interest. The TOP, housing many of these facilities also hosts the main elevator leading up into George Town’s – and arguably Penang Island’s – hottest new spot in town; The Window of The TOP – a refurbished recreational observation deck on Komtar’s very own roof.

Luckily, for those who are acrophobic, there’s a plethora of fixations that will make their time at The TOP an eventful one. With its entrance located just off Lim Chwee Leong Road, an escalator surrounded by numerous wax figures, dessert stands such as Durian the King of Fruits and the Jelly Bump bumper-car ride will guide you into the Celebrity Avenue, a colorful strip reminiscent of Las Vegas’ Fremont Street, with a virtual screen displaying various videos and animations acting as a roof over the many stalls and restaurants below, where visitors can treat themselves to eateries like Italian Job Pizzaria, Richdad Coffee, Chocolate Passion, OnlyMee, Umi Restaurant, and Marrybrown. Those with a craving for the finest Chinese cuisine may also dine in at the Grand Imperial Chinese restaurant, which lies atop the main Avenue via staircase.

Visitors with hyperactive children may also find themselves compelled to bring their little ones to novelty attractions such as the TOP Boutique Aquarium located near the entrance, the Ocean Explorer, or the Jurassic Research Center to explore the world of dinosaurs. However, the Avenue of Adventures, lying just beyond the Japan Food Street eatery as well as the major TOP elevator, also serves up some fun for the kids with its numerous attractions such as the 7D Discovery Motion Theater, the Dino Gym recreational area, the DanceOki virtual dance game platform, the self-described Magic Mirror Maze and Musical Carousel, and the virtual reality-induced Space Time Squadron. Sugar rushes, however, may be induced once you treat your kids at the U Pop I Scream dessert stall located here, but for those more inclined towards knowledge; the Tech Dome Penang boasts over 120 science and technology exhibits sure to tickle brains.

It’s pretty much safe to say that, given the amount and types of outlets running at Celebrity Avenue, any person from all ages and backgrounds will surely find something to be entertained at. It should be a rewarding and entertaining experience for visitors seeking the view from the TOP.