Penang Happenings | Dino Gym
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Dino Gym


Climb – run – jump – laugh – slide – swing – race! It comes naturally with Dino Gym’s climbing frames. Definitely a place for your kids just to be kids. All these come together as one big dinosaur adventures and also a trampoline park! Kids are definitely having to exhaust their time here whilst bouncing around the trampoline. What better way to let your kids blow of some steam during their free time!

Additional to this, Dino Gym also cater for birthday parties. So if you are looking for an exciting and fun venue to host your children’s birthday party, head on over to Dino Gym’s website and checkout the package they have to offer. Prices for birthday party starts at RM1540, these packages includes food, party decoration, cakes and more..

For more information and pricing visit: or