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In recent years, specifically following its classification as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2008, George Town has experienced something of an art boom. Be it classical, modern, or everyday street art; the scene in George Town has been booming since, enough for a few art experts and enthusiasts to collect and curate these George Town-inspired works from artists both local and abroad into bona fide art galleries. These five galleries, easily navigable throughout George Town, have a strong rapport among its community, with some of them even hosting artist residencies or organizing local events. These galleries pride themselves in fostering the next generation of George Town-based artistry, but more importantly embodies the best kind of old-versus-new culture clash, which once helped shaped George Town’s heritage during its roots, and is now continuing to do so.

  1. Hin Bus Depot

Located on Gurdwara Road heading towards Komtar., the once-bustling bus depot has now evolved into a booming space for the Penang art community, in large part due to Lithuanian artist Ernest Zacharevic’s (painter of the famous bicycle mural on Armenian Street, among others) first solo exhibition ‘Art is Rubbish/Rubbish is Art’ back in 2014, some of whose art pieces can still be seen there today as the center hosts multiple community-based events and showcases for new and edgy urban art showcases, in between other activities such as pop-up concerts, paint jamming sessions, a weekend market, and fortnightly screenings of cult films.

31A  Jalan Gurdwara,
​10300  George Town,

Penang. Malaysia.

Operation Hours:
Monday – Friday (12pm – 8pm)
​Friday – Sunday (11am – 9pm)

  1. Ernest Zacharevic x E&O

Additionally, Zacharevic has an additional space at the Eastern & Oriental (E&O) Hotel on Farquhar Street, where art connoisseurs can also appreciate his earlier framed work. Some of his more controversial work, such as a LEGO statue depicting a snatch thief, can be seen here.

10, Lebuh Farquhar,
10200 George Town,
Pulau Pinang, Malaysia

Operation Hours:
Sunday – Monday (10am – 5pm)
Closed on Tuesday

  1. Run Amok Gallery

Previously operated out of a shophouse along Hutton Lane and now sharing the same space as the Hin Bus Depot, the gallery proudly showcases daring sociopolitical art pieces and experimental curation to the public. Founded in 2013, the gallery is also renowned for displaying the work of relatively unknown and unrepresented but talented artists from across the globe, scouted by various art collective members.

59A, Jalan Timah
George Town Pulau Pinang

Operation Hours:
Tuesday – Sunday (12pm – 7pm)
Closed on Monday

  1. China House

China House on Beach Street boasts another secret – besides being a wine bar, café, library, and gift shop; the ambitious space also houses two art galleries accessible via an old staircase. Art Space II displays works from mostly local artists, while Art Space II usually displays photographic works. The former inventively incorporates the heritage shoplot’s original architecture, in a way making the entire building a preserved art-piece by itself, whereas the latter les quietly in another corner of the shoplot. The owners of the building even encourage aspiring new artists from all corners, be it providing customers mahjong paper and crayons as they dine, or even along art organizations to host their events in one of the aforementioned spaces.

153 & 155, Lebuh Pantai
and 183B Lebuh Victoria

Operation Hours:
Sunday – Monday (12pm – 10pm)

  1. Seni Mutiara Art Gallery

Located in the heart of George Town’s historic Heritage Zone on Armenian Street, the Seni Mutiara Art Gallery is among the oldest such galleries in all of Penang. Works of artistes both old and new are proudly exhibited on its walls, drawing large crowds of locals and tourists alike. Usually frequented by art aficionados and collectors who have familiarized themselves with the Penang art scene, the gallery remains a footnote in the ever-evolving legacy of George Town’s Heritage.

118, Armenian Street
10200, Penang Malaysia

Operation Hours:
Monday – Sunday (11am – 5pm)