Penang Happenings | You Mean the World to Me: Locations Used During Filming
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You Mean the World to Me: Locations Used During Filming

The Malaysian film You Mean the World to Me is out in cinemas now. Besides being the first-ever feature-length motion picture filmed entirely in the Penang Hokkien language, the film also showcases a plethora of George Town locations in all their grandeur, including:

  1. Victoria Street

Laid in the late part of the 19th century, Victoria Street soon developed as part of the Chinese Trades Neighbourhood, a precinct of wholesalers and warehouses belonging to the Chinese community. The street plays a big part in the film, not only for sharing with its Hokkien name “Hái-Kînn Sin-Lōo” (meaning New Beach Street), but also being the location of the home of the protagonist Sunny (played by Gregg Koay), and where most of his childhood actions take place.

  1. Pykett Methodist Primary School

Occupying a plot between Westland Road and Burmah Road, Pykett Methodist School was named after Methodist Missionarry G.F. Pykett, who was key in the development of education in Penang. Recently, it was announced that the school is to be shut down in 2019 due to dwindling student enrollments. In the film, the school acts as the primary school for Sunny during his childhood.

  1. Majestic Theater

Formerly the Shanghai Sound Theater, the Majestic Theater is George Town’s oldest cinema hall, and currently the lone vintage theater is still functioning in some capacity as it was originally intended, having recently celebrating a grand reopening following an extensive restoration effort. The movie extensively features this building right in its opening scenes, and in later scenes set in the modern-day where Sunny (played by Frederick Lee) uses the building’s interiors to house his sets for filming.

  1. Loke Thye Kee

– A 1919-born George Town-based restaurant that primes itself in Hainanese cuisine, the recently refurbished Loke Thye Kee is situated in a prominent location on the junction of Penang Road and Burmah Road. Its unique architecture has renowned itself among George Town’s more prominent landmarks and its rich history has entertained both locals and tourists alike. In the film, the restaurant plays host to a crucial scene involving Sunny’s mother Cheng (played by Swee Lin Neo) as she receives some unwanted advice from her well-off younger sister.