Penang Happenings | WALKING ON THE HIGH LINE
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The bustling city of George Town is a colourful Malaysian tapestry of wonders located on Penang Island. Distinct old-world cultures, internationally acclaimed built heritage, a vibrant arts scene and plenty more have seamlessly interwoven into an irresistibly unique fabric of delightful experiences, with visitors both young, old, and abroad immersing themselves into the best of Penang’s sights, sounds, smells and tastes. With all the amazing profusion of things on offer, where better to begin your Penang adventure than from THE TOP@Komtar?

Located 249 metres above sea-level atop George Town’s iconic Komtar building, the acclaimed “Window of The TOP” offers a stunning overview of the Penang capital, with sensational views, exquisite local tastes and exhilarating themed attractions all conveniently tucked into a singular location. All of this is conveniently priced at RM 118 per person (RM88 for MyKad holders and RM58 for children, senior citizens and OKUs). Until the end of June, guests can now enjoy an exclusive Buy-1-Free-1 offer only @TheTOP

Besides housing picturesque views of the island and ample space for dinner and wedding events, the 65th floor of the tower houses the Observatory Deck at the Window of The TOP, where visitors get a first-hand tour of the facility, complete with voice-over and location-spotting landmarks to notify visitors of famous Penang landmarks visible from Komtar, such as the Penang Bridge and the Kek Lok Si temple. A snack booth and souvenir stall is also housed along the deck, as per a glass window for photo opportunities. These will tease visitors as they approach the elevators to The TOP’s most revered attraction on the 68th floor.


The 68th floor is where the Window of the TOP truly comes to life. Standing out is the Rainbow Skywalk, a short walk across glass panes hovering 68 storeys above ground, which will most likely challenge adrenaline junkies to take a walk of faith and battle their acrophobia, if any. The floor also hosts the World’s Luckiest Chair and the Lucky Fountain for those who wish to improve their fortunes.  Once views of Penang Island have been taken in, the Coco Cabana lounge offers guests an array of thirst-quenching and hunger-satisfying delights, complete with live band performances.

Guests can then make their way down towards the Avenue of Adventures, where an array of exciting themed attractions such as the Jurassic Research Center and Oceanic Explorer can tingle the senses, whilst also opting to be spoilt for choice in the culinary department there, as eateries such as Umi and Italian Job offer guests the best selection of food choices ranging from Penang’s famed street cuisine to more international and fusion fare, fine-dining and authentic Malaysian cuisines.

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