Penang Happenings | Brighten Your Day with Delicious Homemade Food
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Brighten Your Day with Delicious Homemade Food

“Great sandwiches don’t happen by accident; you’ve got to balance moistness and crunch, weigh toppings and main components, choose bread that will make each element shine, and construct them so that every bite yields the ultimate satisfaction,” said Michelle, owner of Coffee and Friends Café. Having gained fame for her tasty pasta dishes while she was working in Mugshot Café previously, she was inspired to open her first cafe to satiate the growing demand for her pastas. And thus, Coffee & Friends was born.

Located at Kimberly Street in George Town, the seven-month-old Coffee & Friends Café offers a simple yet scrumptious Western brunch menu that includes, of course, sandwiches. These are available from 8am to 12pm. While the pasta continues to be a firm favourite among the cafe’s patrons, digging a little deeper will uncover other tasty secrets. For one, co-owner Jason, who considers Michelle his partner in crime, takes great pride in making the perfect coffee brew every morning. Both owners are also adamant about making homemade food from scratch using quality ingredients, and hope to expand their menu through time.

But for now, the cafe’s French Omelette is its most demanded dish to date. It’s been said that the most reliable way to determine a chef’s level of talent is to have them cook an omelette. After all, a well-made omelette offers a delightful start to the morning. Laced with freshly chopped herbs, Coffee & Friends’ French Omelette is cooked just right to yield a tasty bite – the perfect testament to the chef’s culinary skills.

Another highlight in the Coffee & Friends menu has to be its pancakes. This breakfast staple will definitely satisfy your sweet tooth, with a generous spread of homemade strawberry jam topped with fluffy whipped cream.

So if you find yourself craving a Western-themed brunch, be sure to pay a visit to Coffee & Friends. The cosy ambience and mouth-watering Western-themed menu are sure to leave you wanting more!


221, Lebuh Kimberley Georgetown
10100 George Town, Malaysia

Operation hours:
Friday – Wednesday
8:00am – 6:00pm