Penang Happenings | PAD: A Vision for Artistic Exchange
Penang Art District is an alternative educational space for the community to enrich our modern lifestyle with arts and culture.
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Penang Art District (Coming Soon)

The Penang Development Corporation (PDC), a state-owned Development Corporation, intended to develop an Arts District in George Town, Penang. The Penang Arts District (PAD) is envisioned to be the creative hub of Penang’s contemporary arts and culture, as an initiative to catalyse the economic growth of the creative industry in Penang.
It is set to cater as the single largest collection of art galleries, cultural museums and art workshops in Malaysia, with integrated iconic sculptured and landscaped public park in the heart of George Town. The design of the Art District here is to create a network that unifies the dispersed art scenes in Penang.



Originally set at Sia Boey (old Prangin Market) the project is now situated at Macallum Street with a site area of 9.2 acres, the RM30 million project ought to consist of innovatively designed cluster of containers that are affordable, efficient and environmentally friendly. With a gross floor area of 80,000 square feet, PAD is set to be the largest container city in the world, housing galleries, art spaces, studios, workshops, artisanal retail stores, premium outlets and much more to support the thriving creative industry in Penang.


What do you think of the Penang Arts District project? Does art needs to be confined to a space?