Penang Happenings | TOP 5 PLACES TO COUNTDOWN FOR 2018
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2018 is just less than a week away. If you haven’t decided where to celebrate for the new years in Penang, here is a list of suggestions for you to pick and choose!

1. Straits Quay

A beautiful view filled with yachts and serene sea is ultimately the perfect spot for a new year eve’s countdown. Starting from 8pm (to god knows when the party ends), Straits Quay will be having an broad spectrum of performances to end 2017 with all-thankfulness and welcome 2018 with all-hopefulness!

2. Auto-City

For our countdown enthusiasts from other parts of Penang who certainly don’t appreciate the joy of being trapped in an everlasting traffic jam on the Penang bridge, Auto-City is your best bet to countdown your new years. With celebrities (and did I mention pageants?) coming to give one of their best performances, where could’ve been a better venue to welcome 2018?

3. Gurney Paragon Mall

Who doesn’t like the idea of “killing two birds with one stone”? For people who are all about the year-end-sale craze, Gurney Paragon Mall is one of the best place to celebrate the long-awaiting new year with your dearest family. Lined with a range of age-friendly itineraries, this event is sure to draw you and your family closer this 2018.

4. M Mall

Get pumped up for one of the most massive countdown events in Penang this 2017! Who doesn’t know M Mall’s trademark of inviting famous artists to celebrate the new year? Gather together with Asia’s most well-known celebrities and welcome 2018 with a blast. Well, who doesn’t want to end the year with an Instagram-worthy picture? 😉

5. Queensbay Mall

Dance the night away from 2017 into 2018! Instead of celebrating the new year in mainstream clubs, get wild and hyped up with DJ Kypori with some cool, sick beats outside Queensbay Mall. Besides, there will be other interesting activities that further amp up your already-exciting night!