Penang Happenings | Wanderlust Penang: The Avatar’s Secret Garden
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Wanderlust Penang: The Avatar’s Secret Garden

Penang is genuinely known as the Food Heaven of Malaysia. But do you know there are plenty of magnificent sceneries worth going into your Instagram feeds? Take a look at the sneak peeks of your next travel or road trip destination here.

One of the places that has successfully captured the attention of travellers and backpackers in Penang is the Avatar’s Secret Garden, located just behind Thai Pak Koong temple in Tanjung Tokong, Penang. If you are a fan of the American epic science fiction movie, Avatar, this is where you can live your dream in. Thanks to MBI, now you can also explore your own fantasy by walking into the neon-lit garden. The Avatar fans should be familiar with the resemblance of the bioluminescent flora and fauna of the fictional moon known as Pandora.

Colourful LED incandescent rope lights draping the tree branches and trunks are the major factor of this emerging universe being flooded with tourists, especially at night. Everything seems so worthy including a chilled walk underneath the ‘Aqua Trees’ placed all around the garden, giving a dreamlike adventure for the visitors.

The best thing about the Avatar’s Secret Garden is that you don’t really have to visit it at night for a pleasant experience. You can also head up there in the late afternoon and enjoy a tranquilizing walk along the smooth white sandy beach. It should be interesting as various statues of deities and sea creatures are built by the beach. It’s time to pose for Instagram, peeps.

If you are yet to visit this paradise, it’s time to pack your bags. More interesting places to visit shall be uncovered soon. Stay tuned with us.