Penang Happenings | Goldsmith’s Guild
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Goldsmith’s Guild


The Goldsmith’s Guild (known locally as Ta Kam Hong) founded in 1832 is among the oldest and largest goldsmith guilds in Malaysia. Located on Muntri Street, Georgetwon, the temple cum association building was conferred the Malaysia Registration of Societies Department’s Quality Organisation (Penang) Award in 2006. Today, the building stands as a shrine to Wu Ching, China’s most talented goldsmith. Legend has it that Wu Ching helped his disfigured sister win the emperor’s heart by crafting an exquisite butterfly-shaped gold mask to hide the scar on her face. However, when the emperor removed the mask and saw the scar, he ordered that Wu Ching be put to death for deceiving him. A statue of Wu Ching now sits at the Goldsmith Guild’s main altar, and is regarded as the patron deity of goldsmiths.

Where to find

Address: 41 Muntri Street, George Town