Penang Happenings | Hin Bus Depot: A communal art space in Penang, Malaysia
A communal art space in Penang, Malaysia that supports and nurtures artists by providing a platform for their creativity.
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Hin Bus Depot


You never know what you’ll come across in Penang, and the Hin Bus Depot is a perfect example. Once an abandoned bus depot, it has transformed into an art space. The owner of the abandoned bus depot had a great passion in art, and agreed to sponsor a young Lithuanian artist, Ernest Zacharevic, (now a household name amongstPenangites as the person who introduced murals in Penang). After numerous sites visited were turned down as potential exhibition locations, the shabby, abandoned Hin Company Bus Depot came to mind. It was a perfect fit, and the Hin Bus Depot has become a hidden gem among art aficionados.

Where to find

31A  Jalan Gurdwara, 10300  George Town, Penang. Malaysia.