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Syok Sendiri


Short + Sweet

Good God-Ya Allah Tuhanku-Kadavule! You’d think these guys would know to stop while the going is good, but nope! It looks like they’re not ready to call it quits just yet. So, here they are with their SIXTH instalment! Seven, if you count that ridiculous short play they staged in February! Brace yourselves yet again as Syiok Sendiri returns with another round of cheap, trashy, hopelessly unfunny, sorry excuse for a comedy…and this time on the big stage! But there is a God after all for this time around, they’re performing for ONE NIGHT ONLY! It also looks like they’re repenting for their sins as they will be raising funds for Cancer Research Malaysia. So for you folks who are so kind to oblige these talentless actors who ruin the good name of Theatre, good on you as your money will be going towards brilliant scientists who are working very hard to find the cure for cancer. As usual, the show is recommended for mature audiences only. But if you want to bring your 8 year-old child, they would not stop you. They’ve had a couple of pretty sporting parents who didn’t mind exposing their kids to the realities of the world But, you have been warned. Remember, no refunds ah. So, gather your friends and family¬†for another explosive spectacle of theatrical drivel!

3 June 2017 (8:30pm)


Studio 1, Penangpac

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