Penang Happenings | Rosalie and Other Love Songs
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Rosalie and Other Love Songs

The re-launch of Rosalie and Other Love Songs will be happening on 5th of November from 4pm to 6pm. To complement the agenda of this event, the celebration takes place in Penang House of Music which aspires to aggrandise the island’s unique and dynamic musical heritage.

Event agenda includes a presentation, book-signing and Q&A session by author Saidah Rastam, a musical tribute by Penang musicians James Boyle Quartet and enchanting singing performance by singer Bihzhu. Light refreshments will be served for guests to delight in.

Saidah Rastam, Malaysia’s renown and notable composer and music director, crafted the essence of the book as part of a preservation project on Malayan music recordings, manuscripts and oral history under the guidance of the community of Khazanah Nasional Berhad.

Rosalie and Other Love Songs depicts Malayan music in meticulous detail from the beginning of our country’s independence in 1957. The author started out the story by articulating the controversies that amount to the inception of Malaysia’s national anthem, ‘Negara Ku’ with a broader, contextual issues revolving aspect of culture, politics and society.

The complexity of Malaysia’s history, comprehensively-researched and beautifully illustrated, is composed into a work of art that encompasses one’s heartfelt sentiment and discernment, raising the spirit of patriotism among Malaysians.

Understanding the historical affairs of Malaysia is discovering another part of ourselves. Because our past is the cornerstone of our present.

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