Penang Happenings | The Habitat: A world-class eco-tourism facility
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The Habitat: A world-class eco-tourism facility

The Habitat is a world-class eco-tourism facility located at the border of a 130-million year old virgin rainforest on Penang Hill. The ecological attractions encompass a historical 1.6km Nature Trail consists of Canopy Bridges, a Tree Top Walk and Canopy Walkways.

Their in-house, exclusively trained Naturalists will comprehensively explain the symbiotic relationship between the floras and faunas. Visitors are granted the opportunity to discover a multitude spectrum of insects, birds, reptiles and mammals. By chance, visitors might happen to stumble across of one of the largest squirrel species known as The Giant Squirrel.

The highlight of this entire journey would be the ‘Tree Top Walk’, regarded as the highest viewing platform in Penang, measures up to 100 meters in length and 800 meters above sea level. A once in a lifetime adventure to revel in the 360-degree view of Penang island and mainland, further extending to Kedah and even Langkawi on a crystal clear day.

The canopy bridge entitled as ‘Langur Way’ that is 230 meters in length and 40 meters in height is already done and ready by the last quarter of 2017. Visitors are given the privilege to have a higher outlook as to embrace themselves in the presence of majestic wildlife.

Sunset Walk, one of their popular programs, are available solely on weekends. With the guidance of the Naturalists, visitors will then embark on a magical journey of exploring the rainforest after dusk. While learning about the hunting and foraging habits of the Colugo and the Red Giant Squirrel, there is a window of possibility where visitors might be able to catch sight of them leaping from one tree to another.

Visitors can delight in rest areas surrounded with various beautiful themed gardens and submerge into the charm of our flora and fauna after a long stroll. The most accommodating part of all is that 100-percent of their Nature Trail is stroller and wheelchair friendly.

Given the extensive list of attractions, a single visit is definitely not enough to explore the entire habitation.

For more information about The Habitat’s Outdoor Classroom program, do visit