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Back in those days, life was simple. People ride bicycles to work, school, market and cinemas. In Penang, there were such limited places to hangout. People were contented with what they have. After the birth of GAMA departmental store, people were pampered with the varieties it provided. It had since become everybody’s desired shopping destination. A happy place.

GAMA started out as Pulau Pinang Supermarket in 1967 which was formerly situate inside Chowrasta Market. The founder of Pulau Pinang Supermarket, Chang Cheng Guan, was originated from the border of Sultanate of Kedah. After Chang’s visitation to our neighbour country, also regarded as a skyrocketing advance country, Singapore, he was astonished by the bustling Singaporean retail scene and was inspired to implement the same business concept in Penang.

The execution of this project commenced in the 1970s. The old police station next to Magazine Circus was demolished and refurbished into, what is now, GAMA. After GAMA was reallocated from Chowrasta Market to the completed overhauled building in 1980, it had officialise its opening to the public as the first departmental store in Penang. By the end of the 20th century, GAMA was reckoned as one of the most popular shopping centres in Penang.

At the beginning of the 21st century, thriving scenes of retail outlets in George Town has caught on the attention of many investors and shopping malls has mushroomed all over the city since. Due to its aggressive competition, GAMA has position itself against lower to middle income group that opted for reasonable price goods.

Recently, GAMA came up with strategies to attract a wider pool of audience by investing an approximate Rm10 million on renovation and extension of the entire building, well-equipped with user-friendly facilities for the comfort and convenience of the shoppers. All these efforts contribute are in hopes of providing us a more enhanced shopping experience.

GAMA is like our homeland. No matter how many shopping malls, supermarkets, hypermarkets there are or there are to be in Penang, GAMA still holds a special place in the hearts of Penangites.