Penang Happenings | Things You Will Never Forget About Penang
Experience what Penang has to offer; from green spaces, heritage and culture, food, too getaways holidays.
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Things You Will Never Forget About Penang

1. Heritage & culture.

Chances are you will have definitely experienced being in a small kopitiam, traditional stores or Chinese shophouses where a group of aunties and uncles just sitting having their cup of Kopi-o discussing the matters of the day. It just feels like being in an island that has been frozen in time. Aside from that, visitors will also love the temples and festivals that is being held all year round here in the island such as the Penang Heritage day in July and Georgetown festival in August along numerous religious and cultural celebrations.

2. Green spaces

From Georgetown Esplanade that comes to live during the weekends (7–9pm), to Botanical garden, Penang Hill and The National park (famous for its Monkey beach), or even the west side of Penang island, you’ll always find a green space to escape to.

3. Heritage houses getaways

A variety of all sorts of budget hotel/hostel available around George Town, where you can enjoy and experience staying in one of their pre-war houses. For those that has a little more expenses to splurge, heritage mansions are also available to experience the life of our previous generation of “Crazy Rich Asians”.

4. Food

Penang has long been hailed as a food haven – it’s even been Lonely Planet-certified. With wide array of local foods and for some magical reasons the food here seems to always be tastier. Check out our list of Top 5 foods to experience while in Penang.